Afrala Restaurant

Our fully refurbished restaurant is also located on the premises and is where our lush selection of breakfast is served. The restautant has been our family bussiness for over 20 years.

Apart from breakfast, the restaurant offers meals, drinks and coffee from early morning until midnight. Our goal is to create delicious greek dishes with the same passion and drive we have been doing for so many years. Our philosophy is using all the best and freshest ingredients of the greek land and combinig traditional recipes with a contemporary touch.

Coming from a farming background, we also produce many fruits, vegetables and all sorts of local goods you will find here during your stay. Finally,the extra virgin olive oil,from trees we harvest ourselves is used in everything we cook and serve. Furthermore, different specialties and barbecue nights are organized during the week offering truly unique tastes and quality. Finaly, in our modern and comfortably designed space you can enjoy some of our refreshing specially crafted cocktails,or,for wine enthusiasts, there a carefully curated wine list, presenting to our guests some of the best greek varieties.